Fanfic: Sleep Deprivation

laireshi was in need of some fluff, so I complied <3! As she loves sleep-deprived Tony and TonyReed I decided to simply combine the two. Be warned, IT’S FLUFFY and it features a Reed-hammock.
p. S.: I just realised I should probably mention that this kiiind of takes place during a story I am writing right now, where Tony stays with the FF at the Baxter Building after the whole Superior Iron Man-mess… Otherwise, this might be a bit confusing xD

When Reed came into the lab, Tony was curled up on his chair, head buried in his arms, and seemed to be fast asleep. One hand was still weakly clutching a pen. Reed smiled at the scene, but it also made him a little uneasy. Tony should really learn to take better care of himself, sleep more and actually go to bed to do it. Of course, Tony was brilliant, but this constant sleep deprivation and excessive work schedule was taking its toll even on him.

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Deadpool Annual (2014) #2

I am literally just sitting here with my mouth hanging open.


1) is capable of human relationships, be they romantic, platonic, or anywhere in between. 

2) considers Spiderman his friend, even if Peter’s a little leery on the subject.

3) Would kill for his friends. Has killed for his friends.

4) Is awesome. 

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